*** Used by countless Chinese language learners worldwide, HSK Hero is the most effective Chinese word and character learning app! Available for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). Get it today!

Do you want to massively boost your Chinese vocabulary and character recognition in a fun and interactive way? Then this is the app for you!

HSK Hero will allow you to effortlessly learn all 5000 words included in the standardized Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK Levels 1-6). Mastering these 5000 words is a crucial step to achieving true fluency in the Chinese language. The Hero Method allows you to quickly learn Chinese characters by enforcing a recall and recognition process, essential for long-term memory.

Supporting both simplified characters (mainland China) and traditional characters (used primarily in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), HSK Hero suits the needs of all learners of the Chinese language, from novice through to advanced.

With gorgeous graphics, beautifully rendered Chinese characters, clear Chinese pronunciation, and traditional Chinese instrument sound effects, HSK Hero is not only an incredible learning tool but also a delight to use.
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User Testimonials

What users around the world are saying:

** United States - Awesome Design. Forgot I was learning. This is a very appealing app. I feel like I'm playing a cute phone game as I improve my 汉语。

** United States - Wonderful. This is a great app. Learning Chinese characters is fun and easy. Always look forward to playing and trying to reach my next Chinese level.

** Thailand - Another five star app worth the download! I am absolutely enjoying this thank you so much for creating this game! I get to learn Chinese as well as have a fun time doing so. Brilliant and fully deserving of five stars. I truly love this app!

** Portugal - Great way to test and train your Chinese.

** Kenya - I strongly recommend HSK Hero. It has greatly helped improve my vocabulary, as well as helped me learn characters.

** China - Very effective and efficient way of learning Chinese Characters. Really helps to identify characters for reading and gives a good grounding for development of writing skills.

** Australia - Wonderful tool to practice your character recognition.

** India - Fab! A fun way to learn characters .. It can’t get easier than this! Love it!

** United Kingdom - Really good app to practice those characters you're unsure of! Keep playing everyday and you're sure to perfect your learning!

** United States - This app is an excellent bridge between learning the spoken language and learning the meanings of the words by focusing on just RECOGNIZING the words.

** France - Fun and Effective! Easy way to review on the run!

** Australia - Very useful and handy! Easy to use and interactive!

** China (Chinese teacher) - 推荐。简单的界面,明亮的色彩,还有与中国功夫有关的声音都会吸引学生,英文、拼音的自由切换对训练记忆字词有帮助,作为老师会推荐给学生试试。(Translation: Simple interface, bright colors, also Kung Fu sound effects is very attractive for students. English and Pinyin freedom to switch on and off is effective for training memory. As a teacher, I can recommend this app for students.)

** Australia - Addictive, educational fun.

** United Kingdom - Fun and effective. A nice additional way to study on the move.

** United States - Solid addition to Chinese app tools! I found this more productive and easy to use for a quick dose of Chinese studying.

** United States - This App is a breakthrough for me! HSK Hero makes learning the characters, pinyin and vocabulary so much easier. I can use it throughout the day and keep learning and progressing. I live and work in China so I need to be able to read and talk.

** China - A W E S O M E AP P , you can revise your HSK words and learn new ones at anytime anywhere!

** United States - HSK is a great app! HSK has been the best app (for me) to learn Chinese! Thank you!

** Mexico - Muy útil. Excelente opción si están aprendiendo chino, es muy gráfica y fácil de usar.

** Italy - Very amazing and useful stimulating game!

** United States - Fun way to learn. I really enjoy learning with this app! It is amazing how easy it is to use and you can practice everywhere you go!

** United States - Great way to learn characters. This is a fun way to review or learn your characters and have a few minutes here and there.

** Australia - Cool app. Great for testing what you know, and memorising new words.

** Russia - Полезно. Очень полезное приложение ,помогает запоминать новые слова !)

** Mexico - Very good app for practicing the Chinese characters based on the HSK levels. User-friendly and engaging!

** Australia - Marvellous for reviewing characters.

** United States - Something fun for your practice. Love the interface and the fun of trying to pick out the characters among other similar ones. Challenging but not too stressful as these games can be.

** United States - Very good. I was pleasantly surprised!

** Singapore - One of the best app: for learning Chinese characters!

** Australia - This is just what I need to help practice characters. Well worth getting!

** United States - Great app! Just the right combination of fun and well timed recognition tools. Definitely a step ahead of the market.

** Germany - Good fun! Perfect for a longer waiting period to train your character skills.

** Malaysia - This app helps me improving my Chinese. Really recommended for those who want to practice!

** China - Excellent. Amazing application to learn Chinese.

** Latvia - Great app!!!! I love it!!! Really helpful to learn Chinese. And really good that's is divided by different levels of hsk!!!

** Germany - The idea is great, go on with that! 😉

** United Kingdom - I like this app. I can use it to check if I've remembered my vocabulary. It's easy to use. I can use it for a few minutes or for longer sessions. It increases my familiarity with the characters. There's no big drama if I get anything wrong. I can just try again. Great for revision to check if you've really remembered words.

** United States - Love the options. Flexible learning methods.

** Canada - Fun way to learn Hanzi. Very fun app. Enjoy learning Characters this way.

** United States - Pretty fun way to learn. Helps engage the player while learning in a fun way.

** Hungary - Very useful for HSK preparation. Loving this app, make it easy to remember the characters

** India (Mandarin language instructor) - Very nice app to practice all vocabs.

** United States - Great app for learning. This is an inventive way to learn Chinese!

** Ireland - Excellent for learning Chinese Characters. Makes learning Chinese Characters fun and interesting.

** Thailand - Great app! It’s not hard to remember Chinese word anymore!

** Sri Lanka - Well done. This app was be very useful for my HSK exam. Thank you...

** United States - Very helpful. Entertaining. Any and all gamification to help me retain characters is appreciated.

** Korea - Fun while you practice!

** Portugal - I believe this app will enlighten my brain and help me pass my hsk.

** India - Fab! A fun way to learn the characters .. It can't get easier than this! Love it!

** Germany - Ausgezeichnet. Sehr gutes zum memorieren der chinesischen Vokabeln.

** Finland - Fun way to learn. I don't normally play any games, but this one is a useful app for learning Chinese!

** United States - Cool sound effects and colours make the games very engaging!

** United Kingdom - Awesome tool to practice reading Chinese characters.

** France - Genial pour reviser le vocabulaire a tout moment. Bravo.

** China - Just perfect!!!!

** Thailand - Special! I like it. Extremely definitely love it so much. Great app! Thank you.

** United States - This is great!!! Very fun yet challenging. The best app for practicing character recognition. Choosing from a set of characters is more challenging and interesting than choosing the English meaning. To the person(s) who came up with the concept and the app developers, great job!!! I love it!

** Germany - Finally something to learn to read!!! Excellent!

** United Kingdom - I loved the challenge. Excellent review app for character review!

** United States - In the style of Kung Fu this well help young Grasshopper master the art of Chinese.

** Vietnam - Before using this application I was the worst students. But now I just know some who have replaced me!

** Switzerland - Excellent tool to consolidate learning of vocabulary. One of the best apps in the market in my opinion.

** Vietnam - Very good way to learn, easy to memorize.

** Spain - Excellent for learning and reviewing vocabulary.

** Norway - Great tool for expanding your vocabulary!

** India - Identifying characters for a word.. great! This apps helps specially for recognition.

** Thailand - It helps me a lot remember new words. I vote 5-star.

** United States - Great for Chinese learner. Building word memory in fun way. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

** United Kingdom - Productively useful Chinese character, learning app. It is certainly helping me to improve my reading!

** United States - Studying Characters for the HSK this app is so Helpful!!!

** Hungary - Nice intuitive way of learning new words and remembering old ones.

** Kenya - Just up in heavens with this app!

** Russia - Another handy application for memorizing words, and the game format is perfect for this. Recommend!

** France - Ca m'aide à préparer mon examen qui est pour bientôt. C'est très pratique comme application.

** United Kingdom - Perfect app to learn new characters and words while working on your listening skills! Fun and easy to use.

** Pakistan - Awesome way to memorize characters. Being a Chinese instructor, I really liked this app and will recommend my students to use this. I like it very much.

** Venezuela - You learn superfast!